Are you missing potential customers? GET GLOBAL!

Imagine how your business could grow if you were able to double or triple the size of your customer base over night.

Well you can! Only 5% of the world’s consumers live in the US and international markets are ripe for US goods. This is a great time to consider international trade!

If you are thinking about expanding your business into foreign markets in order to make more sales and grow your business, there are some things you need to know.

Many businesses today are jumping on the global band wagon, and for good reason!

International supply chain and logistical operations make it easy for businesses of any size to reach foreign markets. Improvements in global financing makes it possible for small and medium sized businesses to “compete with the big guys.”

Did you know that most companies involved in international trade are small businesses.

Think you are ready to go? Not so fast!

International expansion can increase the size of your potential market, provide opportunities not available in the U.S., and even out cash flow — remember, when it’s winter in the U.S. it’s summer in Australia and South America). But international expansion done wrong can tie up working capital for a long time, open you up to fines for making mistakes, result in some big headaches if you don’t do it right.

You need to be fully informed BEFORE you make this important business decision.

You want to maximize your investment and avoid costly mistakes!

“Before You Go Global” does just that. It will help you consider opportunities and threats of taking your business global. “Before You Go Global” helps you weigh the costs of global expansion with the benefits of entering a new market.

In 2010 President Obama announced the National Export Initiative which set a goal of doubling US exports by 2014 knowing that helping U.S. companies become more competitive internationally is a critical step to “winning the future.”

What does the National Export Initiative mean for your business? Plenty! Some of the opportunities are:

  • financing assistance that keeps you from tying up capital for weeks or months
  • affordable insurance to protect your investments
  • training on key export issues in order to maximize profits
  • experienced professional advising to save time and help you avoid costly mistakes


“Before You Go Global” is a 9-step, online training course that will help you and your business look at key areas you need to know about in order to make a decision about global expansion.

This course cover 4 key areas of global business operations that every business needs to consider:

  • International Business Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Global Finance
  • Global Supply Chain Management.


9 easy steps to provide a solid foundation for helping you make the decision to go global: 

Step 1 – “Are You Ready?”
Step 2 – “Market Research and Product Classification”
Step 3 – “Understanding Market Environments”
Step 4 – “Financial Risks and International Payment Methods”
Step 5 – “Financing International Expansion”
Step 6 – “Global Mechanics: Your Global Supply Chain”
Step 7 – “Insuring Your International Investment”
Step 8 – “Legal Considerations for International Expansion”
Step 9 – “Strategies For Entering International Markets”

Each step features:

  • Interactive online training elements that provide you with critical information
  • Links to government and private entities that provide export assistance
  • Great content to help you make an informed decision
  • Worksheets to help you determine the next steps


In addition, “Before You Go Global” provides expert assistance through the small Small Business Development Center at Portland Community College (Portland, OR). “Before You Go Global” was developed by certified international trade experts from the SBDC at Portland Community College, so you know it’s good!

Once you have completed the 9 steps and the worksheets that go with them, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision about taking your business global.

Ready to get started? Here’s how . . .

Send an email to:  You will receive instructions along with a username an password. (Please allow 24 hours for activation)

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